I have said it many times before, if you’re looking to get hooked up with some hardcore action movies then you’ll never have to look further than XYZFilms. The guys at XYZ Towers sure do know their stuff, and I for one am happy that we have people like this that continue to support independent film-makers and help them get their movies out there. So far XYZFilms has brought us great action movies like, The Raid, The Raid 2, On The Job, (and many more), now we can add Redeemer to that list.

In one of the first scenes there is a gang of thugs trying to rape a woman -next thing, we see a baseball bat getting thrown into the middle of the room – we see a shot of a hooded figure standing in the doorway. The thugs, as expected, say something like “who does this guy think he is?”, he replies, “Get On Your Knees And Ask For Forgiveness”,  and this is when we first get to see the ass-kicking skills of Marko Zaror (Machete Kills). I really don’t want to go into much about the scenes, but I will say one little bit –  he manages to grab a set of pliers, does some kung-fu move and then grabs this dude by the teeth, he is dragging him around the room, then fly-kicks the fuck out of him, and rips out tons of his knashers, it was epic.

redeemer2Our main character is called Pardo (Marko Zaror). He is  known as The Redeemer.  He is a loner, a drifter, a tormented soul, riddled with guilt and grief…he also has an unhealthy obsession with Jesus, and is quite the church-goer. He spends his days going from town-to-town, helping those in need, trying to pay for past sins, by breaking bad guys faces. At night he sits on the edge of his bed to pray in a very unusual way – he loads a single bullet into his six-chamber pistol, spins the barrel, and plays Russian Roulette with God. He pulls the trigger, says “amen”. He takes this as if God has granted him another day on earth.

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Pardo gets caught up with a Cartel when he helps a local fisherman who is getting attacked. When the word gets out that some men have been killed, the big-boss-man (played by Noah Segan) sets his army upon him…it is so simplistic, it’s beautiful.

MarkoZaror_Redeemer1If that ain’t bad enough for our silent hero, Pardo, we learn that as well as the Cartel hunting him down, there is another hit-man on the hunt for him. This hit-,man is a sinister bastard and is known as Scorpion. He gives his victims two choices..as you can probably imagine, they are not very nice choices, and both result in death.

Zaror’s skill takes centre-stage with director/writer, Ernesto Diaz Espinoza embracing this to it’s full extent behind. the camera. Espinoza also manages to blend a nice bit of dark humour, which mainly comes from the head of the cartel (Noah Segan)

The fight scenes are brutal, and bloody, and show-off tons of mixed-martial-arts, they are a joy to watch for any action fan.. Has it been done before? yes, but in my opinion, it hasn’t been done enough.

“This is an all-out video game-esque cavalcade of violence. If you are up for it, you will get your ass kicked.” – TWITCH FILM
“Kicks more ass than you can imagine.” – AINT IT COOL
“He’s (Marco Zaror) like Chilean Batman, but with a Vigilante Jesus complex.” – FILM SCHOOL REJECTS
“Redeemer is fast, furious and ferocious.” – WE GOT THIS COVERED
Directed by Ernesto Diaz Espinoza
Produced by Gina Aguad, Nate Bolotin, Todd Brown, Diego Moral Heimpell,
Alfonso Moral, Alvaro Moral
Cast: Marko Zaror, Loreto Aravena, Jose Luis Mosca,
Mauricio Diocares and Noah Segan
TRT: 90 minutes
Country: Chile
Language: Spanish / English
Genre: Action
Redeemer  hits theaters and VOD on June 12 from Dark Sky Films.


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