The reason I watched this film was purely because it had “Vincent cassel” I find him to be one of the finest actors alive today, and I think I’ve seen every film that he’s been in . So the story follows a group of annoying teenagers who accidentally find themselves in the middle of a satanic cult lead by a very menacing welly boot wearing “deliverance” dude “Vincent cassel” ( he a fucking creep). This film is very shocking at times , I remember watching it with friends and there was a scene where everyone was naked and swimming in some sort of lagoon. Next thing ya know ya see a fucking shot of some dude rubbing some dogs balls ,and it looked fucking real . That’s right , some dude was just sitting there feeling the balls of a dog and if I remember correctly we didn’t believe what we had seen so we rewinded it , so we are twice as scarred..
I really don’t know what to type now after writing that sentence , I feel dirty , I need a shower.
It’s original I’ll give it that .



the trailer

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