I think it’s safe to say that “Ben Wheatley” has earned his spot as one of the newest and freshest directors. I have seen every one of his films to date and each one of them has been a progression and also a different genre. First we had “down terrace” which was a council estate mafia type film in which they all got high banging loads of “solpadol” a dark and sometimes funny look into a council estate crime family, in my opinion “down terrace” had the same sort of feel as the Italian movie”Gomorrah”. Then we had “kill list ” a dark and violent hitman/horror which was praised by critics and viewers all over the globe, and now we have the hilarious “sightseers”, another movie, and yet again another genre and brilliantly mixing in humour with carnage. The story of a couple who go holidaying in their caravan around Yorkshire leaving a trail of bodies along the way . The script is clever and sharp and the acting from the two leads is really good. So if you enjoyed the previous films then check it out . It makes fine evening viewing, and it also has a stomping 80’s soundtrack.
Also for fans of any Shane meadows films .



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