When a team of scientists manage to trap the spirt of of young boy in an apartment block using brand new technology called “the menger sponge”. They have no choice but to call in a cop who specialises in lip reading. The ghost is trapped in a room and keeps repeating a sentence but the scientists are unable to figure out what he is saying.
Shame on me for almost forgetting about this film. I watched it a few years back and was blown away by it. The story was unlike any other ghost story I had ever seen, and even though it was about ghosts, the story was very believable and the acting and directing was flawless.
I remember watching this and calling my brother Stephen to tell him about it. He got the film straight away and thought it was the finest directed movie that he’s ever seen.
It s not very often that we get a film horror film from Taiwan but if this is standard of them I am very surprised there hasn’t been a lot more and I would be first in line to watch them all.
American remake on the way also.




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