What if you had to make a short film that can not be longer than 6 mins, have no more than six lines of dialogue?. I don’t know about you, but I think that’ sounds extremely hard. A beginning, a middle, and a end all in such a short time.
I found this short to be better than 80% of the segments from “the abcs of death” which was 26 shorts from 26 different directors, the only difference was that these directors are all established and well known.
Written for a competition (shortcuts to hell) which is still running , these guys done a fantastic job at telling a complete story in 3 minutes. I have total respect for that. The only downside to the film was that you will want more at the end. I hope that its only the start of something on a much more bigger scale.
Please check out the movie, like it , share it, and show some appreciation.SIX FEET UNDER SHORT IRISH HORROR MOVIE




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