Warner Brothers Have released some information on upcoming remake of Stephen King’s, IT


It looks like things are finally moving forward with Stephen king’s, It remake. Warner Brothers have now confirmed that the film will have a Sept 8th 2017 theatrical release date.

Mama director Andy Muschietti is onboard to direct after Sin Nombre, True Detective, and Beasts Of No Nation director Cary Fukunaga left the project due to creative differences between himself and the studio – here is one of those reasons Fukunaga left the project…


They wanted archetypes and scares. I wrote the script. They wanted me to make a much more inoffensive, conventional script. But I don’t think you can do proper Stephen King and make it inoffensive.

Fukunaga also cast We’re The Millers star Will Poulter as Pennywise and I was really looking forward to seeing a darker side to Poulter’s acting, I think he was perfect for the role. It is still up in the air whether or not Will Poulter will still be playing Pennywise but I don’t think we will be waiting that long until we find out.

I was really looking forward to seeing Fukunaga’s version and that was due to the creepy Southern feel that True Detective had, not only that but I’ve been a fan of Fukunaga’s work since his directorial debut and would’ve loved to see him tackle so full-on horror.

I am still looking forward to seeing Muschietti’s vision although I am a little worried that it might be toned down too much to fit a younger audience.

Time will tell

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