I first heard about the film when Horror Mansion had it on their site a few months back. Unfortunately, until now I had forgotten about the movie.

These movies are the very reason I started Moviehooker . But it ain’t too late to be doing my hooking, the film hasn’t even had its première yet, so we got it just in time.

I watched the trailer last night and was unable to share it with you as it seemed only the big sites got hold of it. I searched Youtube but couldn’t find it anywhere. First thing I check when I opened my eye was youtube again, and there it was, and it hadn’t even been viewed yet.

Judging by the trailer for Baskin, the film seem to have everything that a horror fan could ever want. There is elements of H.P Lovecraftian inspired movies – the pain and torture – the tearing of the souls that come with Hellraiser, and some visuals that would remind you on a much darker version of Silent Hill

Baskin is a terrifying new vision of hell from Turkish director Can Evenol.

The films is based on a short released in 2013 of the same name. It looks gore-soaked, sinister and unforgiving. A film that should be at the top of every horror fan’s watch-list

Baskin will have it’s première this September (2015) at Toronto International Film Festival

Official Plot

A squad of unsuspecting cops goes through a trapdoor to Hell when they stumble upon a Black Mass in an abandoned building.

Enjoy The Trailer





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