I am sure you will agree with me when I say that there has been a serious lack of French horror lately. There has only been a handful of features released, and I have had to dig hard to find them, and some of them are still not released. I mean, i have no idea why every French filmmaker doesn’t try and make a horror film.. you guys fucking rock at the genre…so give us more, please!

hostileSo, when I found about this new horror from France, I was more than happy to start looking into it – turns out that Hostile is the feature-length debut from 14 (maybe 15) year old Nathan Ambrosioni

As you all know, I am all for the gruesomeness, I love extreme cinema, but I have to admit, I am a little fucking disturbed, but at the same time seriously impressed seeing this sort of horror come from a 14 year old boy – I mean this in the best way possible ..this kid is going far.. and I have only seen the trailer.

Hostile has a release date of 2014 but he will be taking his film to Cannes Film Festival to sell, so I hope everything goes well for all involved. Quite an achievement for such a young kid, his folks should be proud..and his mates, very jealous

I have no idea what the finished product is going to be like, but I really don’t care –  yes it will be awesome if this film will sit among my fave in french horror, but even if it doesn’t,  this is still a huge acheivment – I am sure we have met the future face in  French horror…RESPECT!

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official plot

Meredith Langston always longed to have children. She finally makes this happen when she adopts two young adolescent girls. However, her now idyllic world sours rapidly and dream veers to nightmare when she quickly finds that she is unable to cope with their increasingly strange behaviour. Desperate, she seeks the help of two television journalists working for a local station, SOS Adoption. Unfortunately it is all for nothing, especially when the reporters discover that there is another presence in the house. 

Eng Sub Trailer

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