After a failed suicide attempt (very well done and extremely graphic) a pregnant woman starts to see ghosts., she is mainly hunted by one woman and it soon becomes clear that its not her that the ghost is after, it’s her unborn child.
I thought the story to be quite genius in this film and in a lot of ways this film was much darker than the original, but just not as creepy.
“The eye” was one of the freakiest horror films I’ve ever seen and was the only film in my entire life that I had to turn on lights after watching (true story). No blood, no guts, just ghosts and damn good sound effects, and a real good story that was very loosely based on actual events. I rented it about 9yrs ago because I had basically seen every other film that was in the video store. I didn’t read the back of the cover, I just seen a quote on the front saying “scarier than “the sixth sense”. Well it was scarier than “the sixth sense” and it scared the shite out of me.
Anyways, it has spawned four films (the eye, the eye 2, the eye 10, and the child’s eye),but number 2 was the only one (in my opinion) that was anywhere near as good as the original. I waited eagerly for each movie to be released but sadly only enjoyed the first two.
A well worthy sequel that is well worth a watch.



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