This film is scared the fuck out of me , it’s the only film I had to go and turn on the lights after watching . No blood , no gore , just ghosts. The film follows a woman who has been blind since a child . So the doctor gives her a new set of lovely eyes so she can see again . So the thing about it is, she didn’t know exactly what she was seeing so that’s what freaked me out even more this poor woman just got a lovely set of blinkers and all she be seeing is dead folk.
This is just a real creepy film but can be destroyed if watched in the wrong environment .you must watch very loud (surround if poss) and it also gotta be very dark and you all gotta shut the fuck up and watch . I am a serious horror fan and this by far the best ghost story film I’ve seen.
So if ya wanna creep yourself a little then check out THE EYE.
I’m sure most of you are aware that there was a remake of this film . Please stay clear of this regurgitated piece of dung ! I got 5 mins in and switched it off and slapped myself across the face as punishment for letting myself even attempt to watch such tripe !


the trailer

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