The French deliverance ( the ordeal)

THE ORDEAL (calvaire)
This was first introduction into extreme French cinema and it was probably because of this movie I became obsessed with this new wave of horror . A new wave that wasn’t certified 15 . This shit made you feel uneasy and in my eyes that’s exactly what a horror film should do to you .
The story of a caberet singer on his way back from a gig his van breaks down and he he is left stranded. A pleasant old man comes to his aid and offers him shelter so without a further thought he accepts the help of this old man .
What follows has to be seen to be believed . Weird weird hillbilly shit! And the soundtrack for the film is awesome and to this day I can still hear that creepy piano !
Like a reversed straw dogs with a blend of deliverance to fuck shit up and a few scoops of hills have eyes.
Loved it !

the trailer

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