This film is probably the most fucked up drug film that I have seen. This film will scare the shit out of you, and yes I would consider it horror film, but not of the kind that we all know and love so well.
The film follows a young mentally unstable boy who lives in a giant almost derelict mansion along with his very sick mother and father (trigger from only fools and horses). The father has to leave for London and hires a home help to help along with his son and his sick, bedridden wife.
The son “James” is furious at his fathers decision, and thinks he is perfectly capable of looking after himself and more importantly his sick mother, so when the father leaves he refuses to let the nurse in and takes it upon himself to try and look after his mother while still trying to look after his own fragile and tormented mind.
One of the strongest lead performances by “leo bill” that I have ever seen in any film. A genius movie in every aspect.
Prepare to be marked.




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