This is the finest action movie that I have even seen . The film was shot on such a small budget but delivered more action and thrills than any other big budget film.
Gareth Evans ( writer, director) travelled from wales to Indonesia a few years back to make a short documentary on the Indonesian form of martial arts (Silat) when he arrived he met IKO UWAIS a bus driver for a telecommunications company who was once a national champion for the sport ( he some man for one man ).
Evans seen the potential straight away in iko and asked him to quit his job as a bus driver and that
Evans was gonna make him the star of his movies.
So they made merantau warrior and from that they started merantau pictures and the first film to come out of that was THE RAID and what a fucking film the raid was ,it was none stop action from the very start . Not only do we have a new director and writer that is capable of writing a action movie on a low budget that pisses all over any other action movie in history but we also have IKO UWAIS a ex telecommunications bus driver that is capable of kicking 50 shades of fuck outta ya !
A new action hero is born
The raid has a sequel coming out this year called berandal and it shall be epic !
the raid trailer


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