This film is about an abandoned road in the back arse of nowhere where people have been going missing. After the disappearance of three teenagers , an old missing persons case is reopened. Read mixed reviews about this film , some good and some pretty shit . I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horror movies from the Philippines , so I left my Brain at the door and gave it a shot!
Ok it wasn’t terrifying but without a doubt it was better than 90% of the horror films I’ve seen in 2011/2012. It was creepy and very well acted and a damn good ghost story.
Taking some predictable frights and fucking around around them . Even if you don’t entirely enjoy this movie it’s clear to see that the people who made it know what they are doing.
I welcomed it with open arms as most of the horror movies these days are poo poo poo.
Check it out


the trailer

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