After being blown away by “pascal laughiers” ” martyrs” I was eagerly awaiting his next release, and for a while he was attached to giving us the rebirth of ” hellraiser” but that fell through after a while when he found out he couldn’t make it the way that he imagined and that the producers wanted it to be more commercial . Hahahahahahahahaha fuck that !!! So respect to pascal for telling them to politely fuck off . I’m not big into remakes and I’m especially not big into our classic horror films getting remade so you can take your kids to the cinema to see them . I know now to stay clear of the hellraiser remake when it finally comes around (PG/12)and at the end of the day it’s their fucking loss as I couldn’t imagine anyone else even attempting to give “hellraiser” a new lease of life.
So his next film was “the tall man” his first English speaking film and it starred “Jessica biel”. I have followed this film since its early days of pre production and was checking every single day for any news I could find on it.
The film is set in a very dull and depressing mining town called “coffin rock” and for years children have been going missing and legend has has it , it’s an entity called “the tall man” who has been taking the children. So when a nurses child goes missing she goes on a mad one to get her child back and put a stop to “the tall man”.
I loved this film and it most defo didn’t disappoint and was worth the couple years wait . If you are expecting another “martyrs” then don’t !! This film isn’t anywhere near as violent or as gory as but if you go into the film with that in mind then you’ll seriously enjoy it and just like “martyrs” this film is truly original and just when you think you know whats happening , things get flipped upside down and will have you going “HOLY SHIT”( well I did anyways ).
Overall a great film with a great performance from “Jessica biel” . It’s dark, suspenseful and a beautifully shot and well written thriller.

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