I was a big fan of “chaser” and I consider that to be one of the best serial killer movies about , it was dark , bleak , violent and really depressing but in a really good way ( if that makes any sense).
Soooo when I heard of ” the yellow sea” ( same guys behind chaser) , I knew it would be one hell of a film .The very first scene in this movie sets the mood for the next couple of hours, You know within 2 minutes that it has the same genius feel as other Korean masterpieces such as ” oldboy” ,”chaser” and of course ” I saw the devil” and “memories of murder” and “man from nowhere”.
Even though Korea is a beautiful country, the directors and stars of these films do a fucking really good job at making me never wanting to go there . Every one of these films sets a really desperate and depressing sense of defeat and “the Yellow Sea ” takes it even further.
The story follows a cab driver who is from a border town called “yanji” He has a $60.000 debt and hasn’t seen or heard from his wife in over 6 months. All he knows is that she has been smuggled to Korea just like thousands of others so she can live illegally and try and earn a living.
When our main character is offered a job and is told his debt will be be erased if he murders one man and brings back his thumb ( that’s all I’m saying) .
This film is soaked in history, the smuggling scenes are absolutely fantastic and very authentic, although its only about 10 minutes of the film you understand the lengths that these poor fuckers are willing to go to , just so they can make an honest buck and feed their families
So as you can imagine once things get going in this film , things get out of control really fast and just like all the other Korean movies it has fantastic acting , a well written and eerily shot story and its so fast paced that even ” Liam Neeson” couldn’t keep up .
For fans of real films .

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