I Am Thor documents, or should I say, rockuments the comeback of ex-body-building rock star, Jon Miki Thor. A metal legend from the 70’s and 80’s who was like no other rock star ever seen before on stage.

Outrageous costume design, stage design, brick smashing, steel-bending, Thor really did put on quite the show back in the day. Now its time for Jon and his band to get back together and achieve that platinum record-selling status they have longed for.

I believe that I Am Thor will offer something similar to, Anvil – another rockumentary released back in 2008. Anvil was hilarious, heart-warming, and equally as heartbreaking . I can honestly say that I am really looking forward to catching I Am Thor.

A full review from one of the Moviehooker team will be up one week prior to its theatrical and VOD release (13th November)

I Am Thor will be released in the U.S via Dark Sky Films on November 20th.

Official Plot (press-pack)

Jon Mikl Thor was a bodybuilding, steel bending, brick smashing rock star in the 70’s and 80’s whose theatrical band, THOR, never quite made it big.  Ten years into retirement, and incapable of living like a normal mortal human being, Thor attempts a comeback to achieve the level of success that had eluded him his entire career – a comeback that nearly kills him.

Special screenings that will also include a live performance from Thor will begin on November 10th and will run through to November 22nd.

For more information on screenings and tickets you can CLICK HERE .


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