What We Become has been high up on my watch-list for a long time. It is another film that has featured on moviehooker before, but a film that I had very little information on.

All I knew was that it was a viral outbreak movie about a family who have to fight against some sort of super-flu, and the residents of their town to remain uninfected and survive the night.

So, I had accepted that this was gonna be a viral outbreak movie. I was expecting something like Outbreak, only with a bit of extreme violence thrown in to spice things up a bit.

But it looks like I was wrong all along and What We Become is not only a viral outbreak movie but it is also Denmark’s first ever stab at a zombie production (first I’ve heard of anyways)…and it looks damn impressive.

What We Become will be playing at this year’s Fantastic Festival.

Enjoy The Trailer


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