Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson are back @ Tribeca Film Festival with THE ENDLESS

The Endless tells the story of brothers, Justin and Aaron Smith (played by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead). After years of being part of a cult, the two are trying to adapt and fit into the normal world.  Justin had fears that there was going to be a mass suicide, so he convinced his brother to pack up their shit and get the hell of Dodge before it was kool-aid drinking time.

10-years have passed and life on the outside world isn’t all they thought it would be. The two have become cogs in the repetitive, everyday world. When they were in the cult they felt that they were a part of a family,  the two of them had meaning and purpose. They had it all and never needed for anything and life was just easy. The two brothers are finding it tough to find the same, or any sense of belonging today’s society.

Although Justin has his fears and worries about the cult, he also knows that the departure from the cult has left a huge void. When a mysterious videotape lands in their possession, the two brothers decide to go back and find out the meaning behind it.

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As soon as they arrive, it’s almost like they never left. As one day turns into the next, the two brothers find it harder and harder to leave (or want to) and go back into the real world. When the unexplainable starts to happen, (two moons in the sky, and a tug-of-war with an invisible presence), the brothers soon realise that the higher being that this cult worships may not be the result of brainwashing or the ramblings of a mad cult leader.

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In an interesting turn of events, Benson and Moorhead also star in The Endless.

It was great to see these guys step out in front of the camera to show us another aspect of their creativeness. Benson’s intelligent script gave us two likeable characters who are both opposites of each other, and the two of them nailed their roles. The Endless also plays homage to Benson and Moorhead’s previous work, but in what way I am not going to tell you. I had no idea what was coming, and as a fan, I thought that a certain revelation in the movie was nothing less than genius. Something I think was done as a thank you to the fans who have been with the guys since the start.

It’s not often we see the director’s of a movie also write, edit, produce and star. Now, only if Aaron had a better singing voice then we might get to see them tackle the OST in their next feature.

Like their previous movie, Spring, The Endless is the multi-genred tale that undoubtedly carries that very distinctive Benson and Moorhead stamp.


The Endless had its world premiere on Friday 21st April 2017 @ Tribeca Film Festival

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