“We’re Werewolves, Not Swearwolves”, What We Do In The Shadows Is Getting A Sequel

As a huge fan of What We Do In The Shadows, I felt disappointed that I missed the news that there was a sequel in the works when SlashFilm first reported back in August .

One of the only recent films I can think of that deserves another instalment as there is just so much more you could do with the characters. It was just so brilliantly written, simple and most of all, a comedy that was genuinely funny

Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s sequel to the much loved vampire comedy will focus on the group of werewolves that we got introduced to in the first film and the writing process has now begun.

The sequel will be called “WE’RE WOLVES” (I know, amazing ain’t it?) and director, Taika Waititi has confirmed that We’re Wolves will be his next feature after finishing with some small Marvel superhero movie called, Thor:  Ragnarok.

We’re gonna be with this flick every step of the way so stay tuned for more updates.

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