Even after all the bad reviews that the first instalment got, I still went to the cinema with the wee bro to see it. The film had potential but I’d been following it all through production and I knew the film was pretty much cursed from the get-go. I didn’t hate the film, I just thought it was a little bit bland, and I had more than one problem with it. The zombies were just fucking horrible looking (I’m only out of bed 2 mins and I bet ya I look a better zombie) they looked like they had a dose of flu. The special effects were impressive at some points. I found the horde scenes to be very cool but very confusing as everything was a long distance shot, here was too much running about and the scenes were over before they started.

As for the gore side of things. Well fuck me pink on a bike!!!! This was my main reason for it being shit. Even back in 1968 with a tiny small budget, George A Romero and his band of merry men were able to give us more gore. For a multi-million dollar project, was a few severed heads, some bites on the face, some limbs getting torn off., to much to ask?. This is the usual stuff you can expect from a zombie film of any budget. There was a scene were Brad PItts character chopped of a soldiers arm to stop the spread of infection. I was was thinking “here we go, this is gonna be cool looking”, then camera goes to a different shot…….FUCK!!!. It’s actually like they said “shite, we spent all of our money on zombies trying to climb a wall”

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Ok enough of tearing the old one apart and let’s have a look at the sequel.

Steven Knight has been the scribe hired to write. I’m sure you all know who he is, but for any of you that don’t, he’s has written some fantastic films over the years like EASTERN PROMISES, DIRTY PRETTY THINGS, and he’s also the man behind the new tv show PEAKY BLINDERS.

It will be directed by J.A Bayona, the director of “The Impossible” and also Spanish horror “The Orphanage”

Brad Pitt will reprise his role as Gerry Lane which in fairness to the man can’t be a bad gig at all as he gets to travel everywhere in the world.

As for Steven knight being involved. I very much believe that a lot of the obstacles they faced while making the first one won’t happen again.

I’m pretty sure this is heading in the right direction.



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