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In the last two articles that I posted, I focused on Netflix Original Series’. I hope that you found some excellent new shows to binge-watch. Now,  for this article, I want to concentrate on the best Netflix original films that Netflix has to offer.



I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore is the directorial debut from the star of Jeremy Saulnier’s BLUE RUIN, Macon Blair. I have been a huge fan of Macon Blair; I wish I would say since Saulnier’s previous attempt, Murder Party but I only realised this man’s insane acting ability when he played vengeful hobo, Dwight.

I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore was also written by Macon Blair. It stars Melanie Lynskey and Elijah Wood.

Ruth, a caring, kind nursing assistant has an awful start to her day when one of her patients dies. The remainder of her day won’t get any better as she foolishly tries to find kindness in everyone she meets. When she arrives home, her apartment was burgled, and sentimental items were taken, as well as some meds to treat depression.

The burglary pushes Ruth to the edge. She sets off with her Ninja-star throwing neighbour to find the people responsible.

Heartfelt, gruesome, funny and wonderfully shot and acted. I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore is the very reason we love independent cinema.


Netflix Original Films MESSAGE FROM THE KING

It was the poster for Message From The King that first grabbed my attention. It was a picture of a man towering over a  city holding some chain in his hand. That was enough to sell me.

Then I realised, it was the well-respected director, Fabrice Du Welz.  He is the man responsible for great films like The Ordeal (Calvaire), and Alléluia

Not a lot of weight to carry regarding the storyline. Message From The King may not be for everyone, but I enjoyed it.

It’s a straightforward revenge tale about a man who arrives from South Africa in search of his missing sister. He delivers some brutal and inventive kills with his weapon of choice, a used motorbike chain.

Not for everyone, but a must see if you’re a fan of the man’s previous work. If you haven’t seen The Ordeal or Alléluia – as your moviehooker – I order you to check them out.


Netflix Original Films Smal Crimes

Are you already having Game Of Thrones withdrawals?. In this Netflix Original Film, Game Of Thrones actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (incest champion, Jaime Lannister) takes on the leading role in E.L Katz’s Small Crimes.

When watching this, my friend pointed out this feels like another Macon Blair movie. He wasn’t wrong at all, I checked IMDb, and he was right. Small Crimes is co-written by none other than Macon Blair.

Small Crimes follows disgraced cop, Joe Denton who has just finished a 6-year stint in prison. Determined to put his back together after his attempted murder charge, things go from bad to worse as his dark past catches up with him.


Netflix Origial Films BEASTS OF NO NATION

I’m almost sure that Cary Fukunaga’s Beasts Of No Nation was the first Netflix Original Film to get a theatrical release.  It didn’t do too good in the cinemas either. Even though it was a flop in the theatres, Beasts Of No Nation was a huge success on the streaming service.

Idris Elba is the big name in Beasts Of No Nation, but he is not the star of the show. Director, Cary Fukunaga cast unknown child-actor Abraham Attah to play, Agu. This young kid gave one of the best child performances I have ever witnessed.

Beasts Of No Nation is a harrowing look at the world of child soldiers. However, It is told through the eyes of young, freshly brainwashed and recruited, Agu.

With a screenplay was written by Cary Joji Fukunaga (True Detective, Sin Nombre). Based on a novel of the same name by Uzodinma Iweala.

That’s all for PART ONE of my Netflix Original Films. Thanks for reading and make sure to check back soon for the best Netflix Original Films PART TWO.


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