Cabinet of Curiosities review: Episode 2 – Graveyard Rats

Next up in Guillermo del Toro’s horror anthology is Graveyard Rats. The director he has chosen for this instalment is
Vincenzo Natali

Vincenzo Natali is the man who gave us the cult sci-fi classic Cube. More recently, directed the Netflix Stephen King adaptation of In The Tall Grass for Netflix. Now, he’s next up in episode 2 of Cabinet of Curiosities with Graveyard Rats

Based on a story by Henry Kuttner (The Twilight Zone) Graveyard Rats follows a caretaker at a cemetery called Masson. When he isn’t pretending to take care of the deceased, he is robbing the lifeless corpses for all of their worth. He starts to notice that the bodies are being taken and realises that it is an army of rats doing the dirty deed; stealing the bodies and devouring them of their dead, decaying flesh. But his greed is stronger than any common sense he might have. When the body of a man holding a priceless sword takes taken by the rats, he boars and crawls deep into the fiflthy rodent underworld. It ain’t long before he relaise theremay be no way out. Even if he gets the prices sword, how will he escape to cash-in on the treasure?

Graveyard Rats is defo is my favourite episode so far. I know that ain’t saying much as there are only 2 episodes released so far.

There’s plenty to enjoy. Some scenes would remind you of the old classic horror Graveyard Shift. This defo ain’t gonna be a good one if you have a phobia of rats. I feel episode 2 was pretty much straight in with the horrorand really maximised the terrific creature design – I feel that is what uyltimeley let me down with episode one, Lot 36.


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