George R.R. Martin Working On New Sci-Fi With SyFy & Netflix



As Games Of Thrones approaches its 8th and final season, I bet you’re wondering what’s next in store for creator George R.R. Martin.

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His next project will be with streaming giants Netflix. A new series is in development, an adaptation of another one of Geroge R.R. Martin’s novels, entitled, Nightflyers.

It looks like the series was ordered by SyFy but is also co-produced by Netflix. This more than likely means that it will air first on SyFy before its available to stream in its entirety on Netflix.

In 1987, Nightflyers got a feature-length, but the only thing I can think of is that god awful Stephen King movie. I wonder if the 80’s film is worth checking out?.

George R.R. Martin Nightflyers Netflix SyFy
Sort of really need to see this now. 1987, looked like a good year to be in space

Professor hires a spaceship to get to the source of weird signals from deep space. The trip is cut short however when the ship’s computer gets jealous because the captain is in love with one of the female passengers and it gets homicidal.

^^that just sounds like a lot of fun^^

Nightflyers BOOK


As far as I know, this is only one of the stories. The book has 5 or 6 short stories which I am sure are all going to see some screen-love.

Just like a lot of Game Of Thrones, Nightflyers will be shot in Ireland. Reports have stated that filming for Nightflyers will start in Limerick – home of my heroes, The Rubberbandits

More information to follow as it’s announced.
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