I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore (NETFLIX)

Macon Blair, the star of indie hit Blue Ruin has released his directorial debut via Netflix

I have been a big fan of Macon Blair ever since I saw him in Jeremy Saulnier’s Murder Party. Saulnier’s next film was Blue Ruin, and that would be the one that would get Blair noticed for his stand-out performance as broken homeless man turned vengeful punisher (sort of), Dwight.

Macon Blair also had a lot of creative input in Saulnier’s skinhead vs. punk rocker movie Green Room. The word on the street is that Saulnier did not have a part for Blair in the film. Director Jeremy Saulnier received an audition tape, Blair shaved his head and got some fake tattoo’s and bagged the role as Gabe in Green Room.

I thought I would mention both Blue Ruin and Green Room because that is very much the feel of his directorial debut.

I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore, sort of reminded me of a modern day Falling Down. It tells the story of Ruth (Melanie Lynskey) a kind-hearted nursing assistant that is struggling with depression. Lately, Ruth is finding things tough. She is trying her hardest to find the kindness in people but ignorance meets her at every opportunity. When her apartment gets robbed, and her medication, laptop….and grandmother’s silverware gets stolen Ruth decides enough is enough!. She looks to the help of the police to find the person(s) involved, but as you can probably guess, it isn’t a high profile case.

She takes matters into her own hands with the help of her strange neighbour, Tony (Elijah Wood). With Ruth’s approach to reasoning and Tony’s approach to praying and ninja stars, the two form an unlikely alliance. It isn’t long before they realise that who they are dealing with is very dangerous and things start to take a very dark turn.


Dark, violent, original, funny and heartwarming. Macon Blair’s, I Don’t Feel At Home Anymore is my new favourite indie movie of 2017.

I Don’t Feel At Home Anymore is a Netflix original film. From a personal POV, I find that Netflix titles are extremely hard to get on hardcopy Blu-Ray or DVD.  TV shows like House Of Cards (also a Netflix original) are one of our biggest sellers in work, but when it comes to Netflix feature films, it seems that the availability is almost non-existent. 

I mention this because I push films like Blue Ruin and Green Room at my job. It would be good to add this one to the list, but I have a feeling I could be waiting a very long time.

I Don’t Feel At Home Anymore is available to stream on Netflix. Watch, rate, share and spread the word. 

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