A List Of Netflix Originals Hitting Our Screens January 2019

We are closing in on the end of 2018, and you know something? –  it’s been a pretty good year for cinema. Here’s a look at what Netflix originals are coming our way in January 2019. These are the ones I am looking forward to the most. I hope they interest you as well.

I know there are many more Netflix releases in January, this list is my top picks. We are really off to great start for a superb year of new releases.


3 New South Korean Movies THE REVENGER

This is great news indeed! New South Korean actioner The Revenger will be hitting our screens on January 15th.

The Revenger featured in a recent Moviehooker movie list. The film follows an undercover agent who is sent to an island populated by death row inmates. His job is to infiltrate the gang and take down the island’s gang-leader.

Reviews have started to surface and they have been solid. This could be South Korea’s entry into the world of extreme martial arts. A subgenre that Indonesia seems to hold the reigns at the minute.


Nerflix Zombie Series KINGDOM

Another South Korean production and another film that has been in our sights since early pre-production. An infection spreads rapidly through South Korea turning infected into zombie-like creatures.

A chosen warrior embarks on a mission to save his Kingdom and put an end to the plague. This is a new Netflix series and will consist of 10-episodes.

I have really high hopes for this…and it would seem that Netflix do also. They have already greenlit a second season of Kingdom even before season one has aired.


New Netflix Originals 2019 POLAR

John Wick, who?! Polar is a new assassin v assassin movie that puts the great Mads Mikkelsen in leading role. He plays an elite assassin that comes out of retirement to take down a new group of younger assassins that will stop at nothing until he is dead.

Mads can do no wrong in my eyes. I have mainly loved his Danish filmography (The Hunt, Adam’s Apples) but he was a pretty impressive Hannibal Lecter as well. I had no idea he was starring in Polar so this has me a little excited now!. It’s a premise I can certainly get behind!.

Polar is based on a graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics titled Polar: He Came From The Cold. 


New Netflix Originals 2019 Ted Bundy Tapes

There has been a lot of hype recently surrounding the upcoming Ted Bundy thriller Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil & Vile. Zac Efron has surprised us all by playing one of America’s most prolific serial killers.

This Netflix original is a cinematic look at the crimes of Ted Bundy told through a series of confession tapes.

I am not sure if this is an actual feature-film or a documentary. Either way, both would be an interesting watch.


Animas is a new Spanish Netflix production. The film is based on the book Animas by José Ortuño. With a name like Animas, I automatically thought we had ourselves a brand new werewolf movie. But the trailer doesn’t give off that buzz at all, it seems to be more of a supernatural horror movie.

It hits Netflix this coming January so we won’t have long until we find out.


Solo Netflix Original 2019

This may not be suited to everyone but I am a fan of these sort of films. Solo follows a surfer who falls an insane height and injures himself. Against all of the odds, he must try and survive against one of the biggest bitches in cinematic history…Mother Nature.

I am guessing (and hoping) that this movie is a one-man-show with very little dialect. Hey, it’s called ‘Solo’, so I guess the proof is right there in the title.

Make sure to check back to Moviehooker soon for more upcoming Netflix releases another genre related goodness. As always, thanks for reading.
Words By Gary Gamble

Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker







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