Yeon Sang-Ho

Psychokinesis, the new film from the director of worldwide zombie hit TRAIN TO BUSAN is now available to stream on Netflix

Psychokinesis is the follow-up to the worldwide zombie phenomenon, Train To Busan. The film follows an absent father who suddenly gains superpowers overnight. He uses these powers to help his daughter fend-off a load of thugs who work for a company. This company wants to tear down an entire district of shops and build some sort of Chinese tourist attraction.

This film is a completely different genre from his previous movie. I went into it, not knowing what to expect. All I knew about Psychokinesis was a poster and small synopsis.


We really don’t get to see a lot of superhero action until the last 30-minutes of the movie. Up u|ntill then there is this family drama focused on an absent father. The only difference is this father has the ability to make things float in the air. He can also knock down a group of thugs using mind-bullets and a swoosh of his arm.

If this film is rated I would say it would be 12c. It still is a fresh take on the over-populated superhero genre but I wanted it to have a little more edge. I wanted it to be a little darker. I am so used to my South Korean movies to be twisted and I believe there was an opportunity lost here. Even more, because director Yeon Sang-ho partnered with Netflix for this. We all know that Netflix gives their filmmakers total creative control.


Great acting,  a simple, great story but it just lacked something. It played it easy falling into the same category and ratings as most Marvel or DC movies. I am sure a lot fo you will find a lot to love about Psychokinesis, but I wanted more mayhem.

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