Review For New Netflix Original Zombie Movie CARGO

Cargo has been high-up on the watchlist for quite some time. So, what did I think of the feature-length inspired by the award-winning Austrailian short?

For the few of of you who are unaware of the short, it’s really something quite special. If you’re looking for all-out zombie mayhem, full of blood, guts and biting, then you’ll definitely not find it in Cargo. The original short was about an infected father who wakes up, dazed and bitten by his “turned” wife after his car crashes. When he realises he has been bitten, he calculates the time he has left before the infection turns him into a flesh-eating-maniac, more importantly, turning on his infant daughter and, well, munching on her little brains, or head as a whole.

The entire short is him lost in the outback. He has a stick with a bag of yummy entrails that he places Infront of him. It took me a while to get what he was doing (my brain works a little slower than most). The guts are used so that, when he does turn, he will follow the smell of the bag-o-guts and not attack and kill his baby girl.

For a seven-minute short, it really hit me right in the feels. And in a world overpopulated with zombies, it’s always nice to see a nice, human approach to the genre.

Now, what did I think of the Netflix feature-length?


I enjoyed it but I definitely didn’t love Cargo. I thought the acting from all was great, the FX were done really well and added something new to the genre. But, it worked better as a short, or at least the feature-length Cargo being cut by 40-minutes. If you haven’t seen the short that it’s based on you might find a lot to love about Cargo. But after waiting years, and having such high hopes due to its pure simplicity, I was a little let down. It’s still worth your time, but it wasn’t worth the wait.

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6 Bites Out Of Ten

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