We’ve Got A Release Date For New South Korean Series Hellbound

We are delighted to be able to share with you the trailer for upcoming Netflix horror/fantasy series Hellbound

The new Netflix series is co-written and directed by Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-Ho. If that ain’t good enough, we have a fantastic South Korean cast with Yoo Ah In (#Alive), Park Jung Min (Deliver Us From Evil), Kim Hyun Joo (What Happens To My Family), Won Jin Ah (Rain or Shine) & Yang Ik June (Breathless). Cinematography is by Byun Bong-sun (Space Sweepers, Tazza).

Before Yeon Sang-Ho found worldwide fame with Train to Busan, his previous films were all animated. Actually, in case you didn’t know, Train to Busan was also meant to be animated. After the big-wigs saw his animation in Seoul Station (set days before TTB), they ordered Train to Busan to be live-action (originally titled Busan Bound). So, Yeon sang Ho is a master animator and illustrator, and Hellbound is his very own webtoon creation. Netflix was so impressed they ordered the live-action and gave Sang-Ho free reign to bring his hellish vision to life.

The story centres around people who can predict their own death. They are first visited by a black angel that tells them when their number will be called. Then, large black malevolent creatures appear and drag them from Earth down to the fiery pits of Hell leaving nothing but a pile of smouldering bones.

Netflix really has a lot of faith in South Korean content at the minute and long may it continue.

With series’ like Hellbound, Squid Game, D.P, All of Us Are Dead all releasing this year, it’s a fabulous time to be a fan of South Korean cinema!

Check out the English subbed trailer for Hellbound below and let me know your thoughts. I was expecting the creatures to look a lot different but, man, it still looks pretty damn awesome.

New Date Announcement Trailer for Hellbound

UPDATED: 25/09/21 – We can now confirm that Hellbound season 1 will hit Netflix on November 19th. Are you ready for your new dark obsession?.

As always, thanks for reading.

Article by GG
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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