4 New Horror Movies Currently Rockin’ The Festival Circuit

New Horror Movies REVENGE


4 New Horror Movies to add to that never-ending list of movies you gotta see!


New Horror Movies Revenge

The Next “RAW”?

So, folks, I am happy to announce that we seem to have a hardcore AF French revenge tale on our hands. Revenge recently played at this year’s TIFF and it is reported that it left some viewers unwell.

We have a straightforward, classic revenge tale, very little dialogue and very little cast members. When this film gets hardcore, it is said to satisfy those who have a taste for extreme side of cinema (I know a lot of my readers are now smiling).

A getaway for a couple turns into their worst nightmare when the woman is gang-raped and left for dead. This is where the title REVENGE comes into play. She sets out to kill the people who attacked her and things are meant to get VERY gruesome.

Directorial debut by French female director Coralie Fargeat


New Horror Movies The Ritual

Nothing really new here with the premise but The Ritual seems to be picking up some great reviews on the festival circuit.

Starring Rafe Spall, The Ritual follows a group of friends who plan a trip away to a secluded woodland. In proper horror fashion, the group begin to get picked off one-by-one by some sort of evil presence lurking in the woods.

From director David Bruckner, director of The Signal (2007) and Southbound (2015). Based on a novel by Adam Neville. 


New Horror Movies THE CRESENT

Most of these new horror movies have recently played at TIFF (or are playing at TIFF).

A recently widowed mother and her young son move to a summer beach house to deal with the death of her husband.

Again like most of these films, we have a very minimal cast. There are only 2 people – not only that but one of those actors is a little kid.

From what I have read, if you’re not a fan of child actor’s, then you might want to give this one a miss. What I am trying to say is that there seems to be only one person in The Cresent that can speak. A lot of the horror revolves around this child,  so I don’t mean it in a bad way when I say “you might wanna give this one a miss”.

A minimalistic horror movie that relies on atmosphere, creating chilling, realistic horror with its surroundings rather than the script.


New Horror Movies DOWNRANGE

There is something that I love about the simplicity of some plotlines. Sometimes, this simplicity doesn’t work, and the film just comes across as stupid and lazy. But, if done right, then these simple storylines can offer the viewer a tense and enjoyable experience.

One to mention would be Spanish cat-and-mouse thriller, King Of The Hill. There isn’t a simpler storyline in cinema; a man driving through a remote and rural part of Spain gets shot at by a sniper hiding in the hills.

Downrange seems to be a very similar storyline. I know for certain this won’t be a film for everyone.

A sniper attacks a car full of people leaving them stranded in a desert. I am not sure what era the movie is set in, but I am gonna take a wild guess that there will be no mobile connection.

As the group falls victim to the sniper’s bullets, a fight for survival ensues as the group starts to learn of the sniper’s cruel intentions.



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