Plot Details For Upcoming SPAWN Movie

Todd McFarlane’s SPAWN starts production in 2019. Thanks to superbromovies, we have some plot details to share with you all

So, here’s what we know so far about Spawn

The film will star Jamie Foxx as Spawn/Al Simmons and Jeremy Renner who plays, Detective Twitch Williams.

Production was supposed to begin in 2018 but has been pushed back until 2019. Reading people’s thoughts on the delay of the production has a lot of people worried about whether it will get made or it’s destined for a fiery existence in development hell.

This is supposedly a follow-up or continuation of the 1997 movie. Al Simmons will already be Spawn so it will be straight into the action.

The story will follow detective Twitch Williams (Jeremy Renner).

His daughter was murdered after getting caught up in gangland violence and he is out for her killers. He meets Al, who also claims to be a messenger from hell called Spawn. Twitch and his partner, Danny try to take on the criminal underworld before the gangs join forces to take over the whole of New York. The main character in the movie has been confirmed to be Twitch Williams…I hope you all like Jeremy Renner :).

This film was intended to be written as a “strong rated-R” movie. This will also mark the directorial debut of Spawn creator Todd McFarlane. With McFarlane, both writing and directing, we can expect something very special, something dark, something vicious.

As of July last year, Blumhouse also announced their involvement with the film movie. The folk at Blumhouse have been killing it lately. This can only mean great things for Todd McFarlane’s debut.

Now, let’s hope we hear of things moving forward with this project. As soon as I know, you guys will.

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