Movie News: Justin Benson And Aaron Moorhead Announce New Film

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have announced their next project – SYNCHRONIC

This could be the best movie news I have heard in a while. Mindfuck maestros, Benson and Moorhead are back with a brand new film titled SYNCHRONIC.

I have been following these dudes since the release of their first feature Resolution

RESOLUTION was released in 2012 and I automatically knew I was watching something different and quite special. There was a brilliance about the simplicity of the filmmaking and even with budgetary restraints, they still managed to mess with the minds of their viewers.


Next, Benson and Moorhead gave us a creature-feature love story called SPRING.

Yup, that still sounds weird when I think about it. After, Spring, people started to notice Benson and Moorhead. Gullermo del Toro and Richard Linklater also praised the filmmakers for their inventiveness and originality. 


Then we got THE ENDLESS

Benson and Moorhead Endless

A film by Moorhead and Benson made for fans of Moorhead and Benson. I am not gonna go into The Endless just in case you’ve been caught in some weird time-loop and you ain’t seen it yet. THE ENDLESS also showed us that Benson and Moorhead were just as good in front of the camera as they were behind it. They wrote, directed, starred and edited THE ENDLESS.

Now the directing duo is back with what has been described as a sci-fi thriller. Their new film SYNCHRONIC has been confirmed to star Jamie Dornan (The Fall) and Anthony Mackie (Captain America: Civil War). No plot details are available but as soon as I know, you guys will know.

We will be following this movie all through production. So expect to hear more updates as the news unfolds.

You can read some interviews with Moivehooker, Benson and Moorhead HERE and HERE.

As always, thanks for reading.



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