NEWS: The Blob Remake in The Works From Director Of Hellraiser

David Bruckner, the director of The Night House and the most recent reboot of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser has reportedly signed with Warner Brothers to remake THE BLOB 

Sometimes I actually think I am psychic when it comes to movies. Yesterday, I posted about The Blob on the Moviehooker socials. One of my followers then said something like how good it would be if they did The Blob today.

Then, last night before I went to bed, I saw the the news. I had written so much yesterday that I decided to wait until the morning before hooking you all with the news.

I was a huge fan of the Rebecca Hall psychologist horror The Night House. Also, I really enjoyed his vision of Hellraiser but it wasn’t as half as tense and as well-written as The Night House. I have still a tremendous amount of faith in Bruckner as a filmmaker so I don’t there is a better man for the job.

The one thing I am hoping for is that Bruckner keeps Mr Blobby cosmic. I don’t want any of that A. I stuff. Keep it cosmic, Bruckner!

So far, there have been two Blob movies; the 1958 original starring Steve McQueen and my favourite, the 1988 video nasty. It’s also one of the most Lovecraft-inspired stories out there. Lovecraft always said if we were visited by a being from another planet it wouldn’t have any similarities to the human body – it would be shapeless, hideous and indescribable (The Colour Out Of Space for example).

Both movies tell the story of a shapeless alien visitor, a blob-like creature that consumes and devours everything it touches. The more it consumes, the larger it gets, and the larger it gets, the harder it is to kill.

Okay, now for the sad part. The Blob is in the very early stages of development. The deal has just been signed. This means we could be looking at 2026 release. We will be following Brucker’s new shapeless vision of The Blob all the way from script to screen.

As always, thanks for reading.


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