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Mustachio extraordinaire and wrestling legend Hulk Hogan to get his own film

Marvel’s Thor, Chris Hemsworth has been cast as legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan in a new biopic. The new film will be directed by The Joker director Todd Phillips. The Hollywood Reporter had the exclusive.

Hulk Hogan

The new film will be written by Scott Silver (The Fighter, 8 Mile The Finest Hours) and will focus on the early years of Hogan’s life. It has been confirmed that the new untitled movie will not go into any of the scandals that Hogan was involved in.

Reading up on Hogan’s life, I think this could be a great watch. He started off as a musician and played bass in several bands before forming his own band, Ruckus. When not jamming, he spent whatever free time he had a local gym where a lot of Florida’s pro-wrestlers would work out. These wrestlers also drank at the bar where Ruckus would play regularly. Two brothers noticed Hogan and asked him to try out wrestling. Hogan eventually quit his band, donned the spandex, grew a golden mustache and became the biggest wrestler in history.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix execs are already in talks to close a deal for the rights to the movie.

I know of some friends who will be foaming at gills at this news. These friends still like wrestling…me, I grew out of it. I got zero satisfaction in watching a bunch of waxed oiled guys in underpants play-fighting.  I think my last memory of liking wrestling was having an Ultimate Warrior duvet set. My mates now buy beer and make a night out of watching a tournament. Now…there’s a great idea for a new documentary: The Psychology Behind Grown Men Who Still Like Wrestling. Actually, forget it…there are some dark doors that should never be opened.

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More information to follow as it’s announced. As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble

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