The Father Ted And Game Of Thrones Mash-Up You Never Knew You Needed In Your Life

Have you ever wondered what the intro to Father Ted would look like if it was done in proper Game Of Thrones style?….me neither, but thanks to weird and wonderful minds of three guys from my hometown, Derry , N.Ireland, I have exactly that to show you.

Jason Bonner, Richard Rodgers and Eoin Coffey (music) have spent the last 6 months working and editing to bring you this hilarious mash-up …it’s everything you never knew you wanted. At some stage they just realised that the intro to the Irish TV classic would look much better if it was done GOT style – it really works and this is something I think the rest of Ireland and the world should be seeing

Really clever with the music, and how they blended the two shows into one. I also thought it was a little but long , then I realised that the GOT intro never seems to end, so this made it even more funnier.



Happy Friday Folks.




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