Hell House LLC 2: The Abaddon Hotel To Air Exclusively on Shudder in September

If you’re a fan of the original film Hell House LLC (2016), you’ve probably been following the news for release details of Hell House LLC 2: The Abaddon Hotel.

Terror Films pulled the planned release date of September 14th announcing Netflix would pick it up. Now MovieHooker can bring you the new release details and I’m certain they won’t change again.

Terror Films has now confirmed the film’s sequel Hell House LLC 2: The Abaddon Hotel will air exclusively on Shudder on September 20th. Shudder.com is offering a 14-day free trial. USe this promo code HH2TFSH and head to www.shudder.com and create an account to redeem it.

Hell House LLC: The Abaddon Hotel 2018 #HellHouseLLC22018

If you’ve not yet seen the trailer for the new film, get into it below.


More Information on the Sequel Hell House LLC 2: The Abaddon Hotel

Official Plot

It’s been eight years since the opening night tragedy of Hell House LLC. There are still many unanswered questions. Thanks to an anonymous tip, investigative journalist Jessica Fox (Jillian Geurts) is on the case. She’s convinced that key evidence is hidden inside the abandoned Abaddon Hotel. Evidence that will shed light on the hotel’s mysteries. She assembles a team equally hungry for answers with one goal: break into the hotel and discover the truth.

The film’s writer and director Cognetti said this about the sequel;

I made this film with the fans in mind in hopes that it would answer questions from the original while deepening the overall story.

Information on the Original Movie Hell House LLC (2016)

For more information, deleted scenes and a five-star review see vanessasnonspoilers.com

Hell House LLC: The Abaddon Hotel 2018 #HellHouseLLC22018

What’s Shudder?

“Shudder’s not only a premium streaming video service but an experience unlike any other. Shudder was built to specifically super-serve fans of all degrees of thrillers, suspense, and horror. Home to the largest and fastest-growing human-curated selection of high-quality, spine-tingling, and provocative films, TV series, and originals. There’s always something new and unexpected for Shudder members to explore.” (Shudder’s Facebook Page)

For 4.99/month or 49.99/year Shudder can be accessed on most streaming devices.

Shudder’s available in the U.S, Canada, the U.k. and Ireland.

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