Horror Legend, Wes Craven, Dies At 76

Sad news to report this morning. Horror legend, Wes Craven has died at the age of 76 at his home in L.A after a battle with brain cancer.

Craven’s first film was controversial rape/revenge movie, The Last House On The Left. He then went on to write and direct another horror film which also received the remake treatment, The Hills Have Eyes.

In 1984 he invaded teenagers dreams when he wrote and directed the first Nightmare On Elm Street. And from that film, one of the most iconic characters in horror movie history was born – the man with the glove of love – Mr Fred  Krueger.

A Nightmare On Elm Street spawned 9 feature films (including Freddy Vs Jason, and 2010 remake) and if I am not mistaken, there has been recent talk of another reboot. It also spawned a TV  series, novels, and comics.

He played a huge part in creating the horror genre that we know of today (also Scream, and Red Eye). I have been a fan of Freddy all of my life, so even though I do not know the man,  it still is a little sad writing this. I have had endless late night discussions with friends throughout the years, and I have made new friends through a mutual love for horror movies. And chances are, if Craven hadn’t released those movies then I may not have met some really cool people.

So I  bid him farewell –

R.I.P MR Wes Craven

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