It remake Lands New Director

We haven’t heard much news on Stephen King’s It remake since director, Cary Fukunaga parted ways with New Line Cinema.

The word on the street was that New Line wanted Fukunaga to make just one feature, and not the two, which he had planned (two features have again been confirmed). It was also reported that the locations that Fukunaga wanted to use were too expensive to film in.

Will Poulter (We Are The Millers) had just signed up for the lead role as our sewer-dwelling clown, Pennywise. Poulter left the project soon after Fukunaga dropped out.

Who knows?, now that the project has a new lease of life, he might get asked back. I would love to see him in this role, I was a little skeptical at the start but I think he would be perfect. Fukunaga seen something in him, and I would like to know what that is.

It’s now confirmed that Andy Muschietti, director of 2013’s, Guillermo Del Toro produced horror, Mama is the man attached to direct.

I personally enjoyed, Mama, it wasn’t the best horror that I have ever seen but I was entertained throughout the film and there was some genuinely creepy moments. Not sure what his vision of It is going to be like., as it is hard to see anyone other than Fukunaga doing it. I am looking forward to hearing more..

Not sure if they will still use Fukunaga’s script or they will start from scratch.¬†Production was to begin in June but because of this whole fuck-up, it is uncertain when things will get moving again.

As soon as I know, you’ll know. Thank you for reading

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