The first trailer for upcoming action sequel JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 Is Here

If you’re a regular reader on here then you will know that I have been trying to keep you all up to date with the progress of upcoming action sequel JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2

Of course, the trailer lands when I am out having dinner with the in-laws which rendered me powerless. There was nothing I could do until I got home, then when I got home I crawled into bed. It’s now 8.10 am, Sunday and I am determined to share this trailer with you all….even if the whole world has already seen it by now.

Official poster for John Wick 2
Official poster for John Wick 2

You all know I am a pretty big fan of the first John Wick. I was a fan of the fact that it never pretended to be anything other than a mindless action movie. It worked so well and seemed to impress a lot of people.

Now the first trailer for the second chapter has just arrived and offers the fans just exactly want they have been craving since 2014.

John Wick travels to Rome and falls deeper into the shadowy hitman organisation we got introduced to in the first film.

The cast include

Keanu Reeves 
John Wick
Ian McShane 
Ruby Rose 
Bridget Moynahan 
Peter Stormare
John Leguizamo 
Laurence Fishburne 

Thanks for reading and enjoy the trailer

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