Leonardo DiCaprio will produce and star in new movie The Crowded Room. The film which is based on a real-life case and nonfiction book The Minds Of Billy Milligan by Daniel Keyes will see Leo DiCaprio play a man with 24 different personalities.

From The Book
Billy Milligan was a man tormented by twenty-four distinct personalities battling for supremacy over his body — a battle that culminated when he awoke in jail, arrested for the kidnap and rape of three women. In a landmark trial, Billy was acquitted by reason of insanity caused by multiple personality disorder — the first such decision in history. Now, plunge into the mind of this tortured young man and his splintered, terrifying world.

DiCaprio has had his eye on this project for over 20 years and thankfully now the screenplay is currently being adapted by screenwriters Jason Smilovic and Todd Katzberg, whose work includes, Lucky Number Slevin, Kidnapped

Sounds like the sort of story that would adapt really well into a feature film, and a film that will require some serious acting abilities.

He is playing different 24 different people… one of them is bound to get an oscar…bring it home Leo!!

DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way will produce with New Regency, Jennifer Davisson, Alexandra Milchan.

Leo Dicaprio’s new revenge thriller Revenant which is also produced by New Regency is due for release later this year and co-stars Tom Hardy and is directed/written (screenplay) by Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu

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