Neill Blomkamp To Direct Robocop Returns For MGM

Sci-fi maestro Neill Blomkamp has the green light for a sequel to 80’S cult classic ROBOCOP

Unlike a lot of my 80’s guilty pleasure movies, Robocop has aged like a fine wine. The recent remake by Jose Padilha had some amazing ideas. It was a victim of the production companies, who wanted a safer, less-violent reboot to get more asses on the seats at the box-office. It didn’t work, maybe if you were a twelve-year-old and getting introduced to Robocop for the first time. Fans of the original felt cheated, it lost the mindless violence and mayhem that flowed through the original so effortlessly.

Now that we have seen a rise in popularity in r-rated movies, I am certain Blompkamp will give us the film we deserve.  We all felt a little bit hurt when we found out that Blomkamp’s adaptation of the Alien franchise was dead in the water.  Now that he is rebooting another classic with equal importance to the Alien franchise then I know Blomkamp will deliver on all levels.

Robocop Returns

Robocop told the story of rookie cop Alex Murphy (originally played by Peter Weller) who suffers a horrible and violent death on his first day on the job.  Death was only the beginning for Murphy as his remains are used to help build the ultimate crime-fighting cyborg cop known as Robocop.  What they didn’t expect was Murphy’s own conscious is still very much alive beneath all that circuitry making him part-machine and part-human.

Blomkamp has been quiet on the big screen. He has been putting his heart and soul into his independent film studio Oats Studios.

If you have somehow managed to let Oats Studios slip past you then you will be nothing less than blown away by the content they are releasing via their YouTube channel.

More info to follow as news in announced. As always, thanks for reading.


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