UPDATED: Trailer For R-Rated HELLBOY Movie

The first trailer has arrived for Neil Marshall’s R-Rated HELLBOY Reboot


Listen, I am a fan of the original series. They were visually stunning and creative back in the day. My only problem was: They were kiddie-friendly. With a name like Hellboy, I want to see carnage and apocalyptic hellfire of epic proportions.

It looks like we will be getting just that and the poster below certainly confirms it more.

The poster perfectly sums up what Hellboy should look like. If you make the comparison to Ron Perlman’s Hellboy, you just realise how dated he actually was. The best thing about this poster is the red-hot lava-sword resting on his shoulder… Excalibur.


Our new Hellboy is played by David Harbour (Netflix original, Stranger Things). As stated on the poster, it is due for release April 12th 2019.

As far as I am aware, there are no plot details available at this time. This version will be directed by the great Neil Marshall.

Marshall first arrived on the scene back in 2002 with the phenomenal and much-loved low-budget horror, Dog Soldiers. He then went on to make the claustrophobic cave-dwelling masterpiece, The Descent. His other movies, Centurian and Doomsday both had moments of greatness but the flicks fell short, well, for me anyways. There were also rumours floating about the web that Marshall was in charge of bringing us the English-language remake of Norwegian mockumentary, comedy/horror Trollhunter.

Although I have not been a fan of all of his movies, I sincerely respect the level of violence he unleashes on-screen. His movies are most definitely not for kids. I hope he continues this trend with this new r-rated Hellboy reboot.

A new image was released showing us David Harbour in action as Hellboy

Our new Hellboy

Trailer For HELLBOY. Hope you enjoy.




A lot more news to follow as it is announced. As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble

Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker



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