Last year the news broke that Martin Scorsese was going to team up with Robert DeNiro and Leo DiCaprio for what we thought was going to be an epic new gangster flick.

Then we found out that it wasn’t going to be a movie but in-fact an endorsement, or some sort of VERY expensive advertisement.

It is reported that  Melco-Crown Casino paid a whopping $70m to help promote the opening of  a new casino and movie themed resort in Macau. They done it in the best style imaginable by hiring Scorsese, DiCaprio, DeNiro, and Brad Pitt to make a promo vid like no other…and it worked, it’s really good.

While promoting this casino is the main objective of the project, there is still a quirky and funny story to go with the 14min short. Martin Scorsese is making a new film and he is auditioning for the role, and its up to Leo and “Bobby D” to battle it out for the part.

Its also really good to see Marty Scorsese in-front of the camera as well as behind it directing the cast. The short which is called The Audition was penned by The Wolf Of Wall Street writer Terrence Winter.

Here it is, I hope you enjoy

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