A couple of months back Neill Blomkamp tweeted some concept art and ideas for a fresh new take on an Alien movie that he was privately working when making Chappie (which also stars Sigourney Weaver). At first we thought the was doing it for fun, but he was very serious about it and put a lot of time and effort into them.. and they looked awesome.. and above all they featured Ripley
Sometime later I start seeing articles pop up all over the the internet saying that Blomkamp’s Alien still might happen. This has generated quite the buzz around the internet.. because seriously!, who doesn’t want to see Blomkamp’s vision of the Alien universe? without a doubt, he is the finest sci-fi writer/director alive today.
In my opinion District 9 is a science fiction masterpiece and Elysium was damn impressive as well. Both films were sci-fi alright but they done a good job at showing us humans just how shit we can be. With District 9 he just replaced the people in the townships with Aliens (Fooking Prawns), we all could still relate to it. With Elysium he showed us that if earth became an uninhabitable planet then we would all be fucked unless we had some serious moolah, another concept that very believable. And I have no doubt in my mind that his upcoming feature Chappie will deliver a similar kind of message.
So when I woke up this morning I read onDread Central that Sigourney Weaver recently opened up about her returning to the screen once again (screeeeeeaaaammmmss) as Ripley, Here’s what she said..

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“Neill kept sending me these brilliant designs and ideas and everything. We’ll see what happens. We just left it at such a creepy place, sort of stranded above Earth. I was quite happy to move on to other things, and I didn’t want to go to Earth. I didn’t want to manufacture a sequel, and I felt like we were starting to do that. If something happens from this, it would be very organic and very original, and because of that, it would make me want to do it. If it was someone as talented as Neill, I’d certainly listen.”

I’m sure there is gonna be much more updates so stay tuned for more!

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