Why Is Everyone Talking About THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT?

Matt Dillion’s new serial-killer movie reportedly so “vile” it caused 100-people to walk out of Cannes premiere

I mean who doesn’t love Matt Dillon? There is no denying that he’s a fantastic actor. I have been a huge fan of his work for years. Now, he is playing a serial killer in Lars Von Trier’s latest shocker, The House That Jack Built.

So what’s all the buzz around this new film that’s so “vile” it caused a massive walkout at it’s premiere!. Firstly, I’d like to say…this is a Lars Von Trier movie, it’s more than likely going to cause some sort of reaction from critics and audiences. Von Trier is not the sort of director you’d take your family on a Sunday for a day at the cinema. The man aims to disturb you, it’s what he does – and he does it well. If you’re one of the 100 that walked out and you’re not familiar with the man’s filmography, then I’m sorry, that’s your own idiotic fault.

The House That Jack Built

It’s not real, its only pretend. There is going to be insane violence against women, which is  common in most serial killer movies. I have also heard there’s  a scene in which he shoots two children in the head with a rifle..imo there ain’t enough of that in modern horror (but that’s just my twisted mind).

As well as the mass-walkout, The House That Jack Built also received a 6-minute standing ovation.

Here is a little excerpt for an article from The Hollywood Reporter…”Despite walkouts and groans during a few more brutal scenes, the film received a six-minute long standing ovation in the theater.”

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The House That Jack Built also features a great cast. Bruno Ganz (Downfall, In Order Of Disappearence) and Uma Thurman (Kill Bill movies, Pulp Fiction) co-star alongside Matt Dillon.

A new poster was just released today which is inspired by an Eugene Delacroix painting

The House that Jack Built inspiration poster.

The Barque of Dante by Eugene Delacroix

The House That Jack Built poster inspiration

I doubt youll see this poster hanging on a wall in The Louvre

As always, thanks for reading. expect more news on distribution as its revealed.

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