True Detective Season 3: Everything You Need To Know

True Detective Season 3 is on its way

I know a lot of people hated the second season of True Detective. I can get why but I enjoyed it for the most part. Yes, it was nowhere near as good as its first season but those were some pretty big shoes to fill. Even though I enjoyed it, I thought there was far too much going on; too many characters, too many plots with important stories to tell…some of which went nowhere.

So, now that True Detective season 3 is well into pre-production, I thought I’d write an article with all the info I have on the third season of True Detective
  • The new season of True Detective will be once again written by creator Nic Pizzolatto.
  • The story will take place in the Ozarks in Arkansaw. 
  • Mahershala Ali (Oscar winner for Moonlight) has been cast in the leading role as detective Wayne Hays.
  • Carmen Ejogo (Roman J. Israel ESQ) has also joined the cast. She will be playing schoolteacher Amelia Reardon. Her character has a connection to missing kids.
  • Stephen Dorff was the most recent cast member announced. He plays a state investigator named Roland West.
  • This series will focus on a horrific crime and will take place over three different time periods spanning  3-decades. 
  • The third season of True Detective will be directed by Green Room, Blue Ruin, Murder Party director/writer Jeremy Saulnier (not sure if he will direct the entire season).
  •  David Milch (Deadwood) will co-write one of the episodes with Nic Pizzolatto.
  • It looks like the show won’t arrive until 2019, so we still have a lot of waiting to do.

I think It looks that there is a great team on board for True Detective season 3. Everything from directors to cast, it sounds like this could make up for what we lost in season 2.

I am looking forward to bringing you more news as soon as I hear it.

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