Rick & the gang are back in the first full trailer for season 8 of AMC’s The Walking Dead

I have a love/hate relationship with The Walking Dead. A series, I think started off really strong, had loads to offer the fans. Everyone loved The Walking Dead, even people who’ve never watched a zombie film or series in their lives.

We’re getting season 8 now. I mean, there is obviously going to be a decline in how well the show is written. They’re trying to squeeze an entire season out each year. Guys, can we not take a breather?, I have come too far and dedicated far too much of my life to throw this all away. I have come close, there were times when I was saying “Rick, I have had enough of your shite, I am done”. I can’t see them slowing down though as the show is just too popular and I’d imagine there is serious moolah to be made.

Last year’s season started off really strong. I think JDM’s, Negan is a fantastic character. But that other crowd, the ones that Rick goes to for help, what is up with them?.  The boss of that group, the one with the dodgy bob. Every time I look at her all I see is Llyod Christmas from Dumb & Dumber.

lloydchristas twdbossgirl

I always set my standards too high. We get an amazingly edited trailer that promises so much. Then the cast come out of the woodwork saying crafty stuff like “I can’t believe they let us get away with this!”. We get sucked in, we believe their shit. As I said in a previous article, they’re hardly going to say “season 8, the script is weaker than ever, bored off my tits making this show, will it ever end?”.

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They build us up for a zombie apocalypse of epic proportions, but instead, we get dialogue that would be more suited to an epic episode of Home & Away

I really want to fall in love again with The Walking Dead. I hope season 8 encourages me to do so.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the trailer



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