Brothers’ Nest Fantasia Film Festival 2018 Premiere

Brothers' Nest 2018

More Hot Movies From The Fantasia Film Festival— Brothers’ Nest

This Australian crime thriller encases a movie about sibling rivalry in a very special way. The two lead characters are actually brothers. They bounce off each other with a familiarity normally unseen in a film like this. One half of the duo is the driving force behind the film. This is not Clayton Jacobson’s first rodeo as director and it shows. Brothers’ Nest is not Clayton and Shanes first movie together either. They previously starred in a cult hit favorite called Kenny (2006) a comedy about porta-loos.

If you’ve not seen Kenny, I recommend watching the trailer on YouTube here.

Brothers' Nest 2018

Shane Jacobson and Clayton Jacobson

What’s It About?

Simply put, two brothers plan a murder. If you plan it well, it can’t go wrong…right?

A Black Comedy | Crime Thriller


Brothers' Nest 2018

Quick Film Information

Director: Clayton Jacobson.

Writer: Jaime Browne.

Release: Australian release in May 2018 prior to a run at Sydney Film Festival. It’s now having its Canadian premiere at Fantasia Film Festival 24th July 2018.

Budget: $1.9 million.

Starring: Shane Jacobson (That’s Not My Dog 2018), Clayton Jacobson (Upgrade 2018),   Kim Gyngell (The Little Death 2014),  Lynette Curran (These Final Hours 2013) and, Sarah Snook (Predestination 2014).

Brothers' Nest 2018

How Was It?

When it comes to planning a murder, Terry and Jeff seem to have all their bases covered. If the devil’s in the details then there is surely enough devil to go around between these two brothers.

Brother’s Nest is pretty much a slow burn where the entirety of the first chunk goes towards watching just how much thought has gone into the process of knocking off their step-dad while mum is having chemo. Right as I was choking on my popcorn at this unsavory turn in story-line and starting to think this might not be for me, I was torn. I couldn’t look away. Here are these two guys, obviously horrible people dressed in orange suits to cover their tracks and I wanted to know why.

Brothers’ Nest strings you along like some lover you once met in a bar who never called you back. The intricate breadcrumbs are dropped along a pathway of a haunting re-enactment of sibling rivalry at it’s very worst. Jeff is somehow like a ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ champion and the snowball begins to build. You can feel it getting bigger as the time ticks by.

Final Thoughts

For me, each and every character are people I had seen before but never in roles like this. Kim Gyngell who plays Roger is a well-known television personality here in Australia and seeing him as the villain for the very first time was as odd as it was appealing. The score intermittently screeching to the forefront from time to time was amazingly suitable and added an extra helping of disapproval to Jeff and Terry’s predicament. 

Like every film, before it to include a slow burn and an ever-increasing amount of tension, was the payoff good enough to support the rest of the story? Yes it was and it was perfectly summarised by the following phrase;

“Just some family shit”

If you want to see a fantastic Aussie thriller made on the sniff of an oily rag then see this one.

I give Brothers’ Nest  4.5 antique radios in the bathtub out of 5.

[usr 4.5 img="04.png"]

For an exclusive interview with Clayton Jacobson and Mother of Movies — find that here!

Shane Jacobson Interview

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Words by Vanessa Stewart
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