CUT SHOOT KILL: A Disappointing, Wasted Opportunity

 CUT SHOOT KILL Hit VOD On August 8th

Struggling actress, Serena (Alexandra Socha) is having a hard time finding an acting job. Wondering if she will ever catch a break, she begrudgingly accepts a role in an upcoming slasher flick.

Slasher movies ain’t her thing, but these are desperate times. She agrees to watch the short the movie is based on to get a feel for her role. When trying to find out who played the lead in the film she learns that she was murdered….you guessed the plot yet?

Before leaving, Serena tells her boyfriend that she needs to do this alone and under no circumstances, must he go to the set to visit her. Sent to collect her and bring Serena to the set is a young hillbilly with a learning disability and speech impediment….alarm bells should seriously already be ringing!. I don’t know about you but I think I’d rather find my own means of travel than have some Deliverance motherfucker escort me ANYWHERE!

The director she is working for has created a lot of hype with his new horror movies. He goes by the name of Alabama and is really butchering his actors to create the ultimate realistic horror movie.

Unfortunately, Cut Shoot Kill didn’t do it for me.

I can see what these guys wanted to do but sadly, it wasn’t achieved with this film. The slasher film that she is part of falls victim to every stereotype in the book, which makes the film a tiring and predictable watch.

We have a story of a filmmaker trying to create the most realistic gore FX by murdering the actors. While for the most part, the films special FX didn’t look too bad, there was questionable blood FX that went against the realism that the film was going for.

That doesn’t mean to say that the team can’t  come back stronger with their next feature. Just because I didn’t find much to enjoy in the film, doesn’t mean to say that there was no talent involved. If you want to turn your brain off and enjoy some mindless hacking and slashing, not expecting any sort plot then you might want to give CUT SHOOT KILL a go.


Gary Gamble

CUT SHOOT KILL  hit VOD on August 8th via Freestyle Digital Media.

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