Review For German Arthouse Demonic Possession Horror LUZ

Luz Review

“You Called It Forth, Now It Won’t Leave You Alone” From the long opening shot in Luz, we know that the feel and tone of this movie will be different from our average possession horror. It is the directorial debut from Tillman Singer who takes inspiration from the horror greats…

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Next, for our Fantasia Film Festival coverage is HOMEWRECKER Homewrecker, a film directed by Zach Gayne, follows a premise we have probably all seen before. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, bunny-boiler type of film, fuelled by jealousy and a distant connection, but Zach thankfully takes this on an altogether…

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Next up for our Fantasia International Film Festival coverage is American Fighter: The Wrestler A sequel to a film I had no idea existed, originally based on a true story I also had no idea existed, but I’m glad this came into my life. The story itself (the first film…

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Next up for our coverage for Fantasia Film Festival is South Korean ZomCom The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale The Korean government have unleashed some sort of infection turning people into zombie-like creatures. After a zombie rises and escapes from a facility he stumbles and moans his way to a…

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Fantasia Film Festival 2019 Review: The Gangster, The Cop & The Devil


Next up as part of our Fantasia Film Festival coverage is the new South Korean serial killer flick, The Gangster, The Cop & The Devil. A serial killer is stalking the streets and picking his victims randomly. His method usually involves driving into the back of a moving car forcing…

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Although I am a little late but as promised, here’s my Films From Film Festivals You Should Know About – Part 3 – Fantasia Film Festival SpecialCLICK HERE if you missed the movies from parts 1&2. I hope you enjoy. IDOL Films From Film Festivals You Should Know About –…

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